2023 ACI World-Amadeus Technology Innovation Awards

The ACI World-Amadeus Technology Innovation Awards put a spotlight on industry-leading technology initiatives and leadership by airports around the world.

A committee of industry experts assess submissions in three categories and seek best projects or organizational leadership that enhance the passenger journey, drive operational efficiency, or improve processes for employees, travellers, and other stakeholders.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your airport’s technology leadership recognized on the world stage! 


The three categories are:

Best innovation(s) in airport passenger-related processes

This award is to recognize airport innovations in relation to their impact on global airport passenger processes and experience across the following areas:

  • Innovations to help adapt and provide a personalized experience based on individual passenger preferences
  • Technological innovations to ensure a seamless, touchless passenger journey
  • Innovations to improve communication and provide passengers with timely, accurate travel information
  • Innovations that contribute to the improvement of the global airport passenger process and experience

See evaluation criteria and apply

Best innovation(s) in airport operations and installations management

This category is looking for new industry initiatives which have improved the core aspects and processes of airport operations within a specific area or from a more global perspective. This more specifically targets innovations from a technology and digital transformation perspective.

See evaluation criteria and apply

Best airport innovation leader (individual)

Characteristics of an Innovation Leader:

  • Visionary – promotion of a new vision about the future of the industry and opportunities to get there.
  • Thinking outside the box – think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective (opposite of “it has always been done that way”).
  • Encouraging educated risk taking and change management.
  • Observant – showing keen perceptiveness / accurate and deep understanding, looking beyond the airport to get a new perspective.
  • Team Builder – passionate and inspiring. Impact as a leader and influence on promoting change and new ways of doing things.

See evaluation criteria and apply

The winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner during the ACI EUROPE / WORLD Annual General Assembly, Conference and Exhibition (WAGA).

For questions about the 2023 ACI World-Amadeus Technology Innovation Awards, please contact facilitation@aci.aero.